AISEET aims to empower thousands of bright students to pursue their engineering dream. Claiming the sponsorship with AISEET partner colleges is a swift and transparent process.

Students need to proceed as below to obtain AISEET scholarships 

  1. Class 11 and 12 appearing students need to apply for AISEET 2019 before March 31, 2019. Click here to apply

  2. Students need to select the date for the online examination between 5th – 15th May 2019. Students will also have access to sample AISEET mocks on this website to prepare well for the online exam.

  3. Students appear for AISEET Phase 1: Online Examination between 5th – 15th May 2019 [completely online process to be taken from their own place].

  4. Students would be validated based on the photo submitted during the application. Also the exam will be enabled with Talent’s anti cheating mechanism and would be video proctored.

  5. AISEET Phase 1 result will be announced between 18th to 20th May 2019.

  6. Shortlisted students of Phase 1 appear for AISEET Phase 2: Online Interviews between 20th May – 15th June 2019.

  7. Scholarships will be announced between between 20th – 21st June 2019.

  8. Upto 5% – 100% tuition fee for 1 – 4 years will be given as scholarships for IITs / IIITs / NITs and other top engineering colleges / universities which are AISEET partner colleges.

  9. Based on AISEET performance, students will be offered various slabs of scholarships available at AISEET partner colleges.

  10. Student have to accept admission offer from a partner college of AISEET to claim the scholarship between 21st June – 30th July 2019.

  11. For Class XI students the scores stay valid for 1 year and they can claim their scholarship for next year following 8,9 and 10 above.

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