Along with class XII boards preparation, managing study for JEE Main 2019 may be a bit difficult due to the difference in the pattern of both the exams but if we have a plan to work upon, preparation will be easy and results will be favorable. While working on their own strategies, we list a few more tried and tested by IITians themselves.

Now that JEE Main 2019 January session has concluded, it’s time for the second phase of the exam. JEE Main 2019 April exam is just two months away, thus the study plan and preparation strategy for this attempt of JEE Main needs to be tweaked according to the need of the hour. Your preparation in these final months before the exam will have a major impact on your performance and JEE Main percentile, ranks and scores.

Here are some mantras on how to prepare for JEE Main in two months.

1st Month Preparation

  • Take mock tests and solve previous year question papers: Solving previous year question papers of JEE Main and taking mock tests is extremely important to get a good rank in the exam. Besides the various free mock tests available on the internet, candidates can also download the official JEE Main 2019 mock tests released by NTA.

  • Subsequently, they can also register themselves at the nearest Test Practice Centre (TPC) established by the agency to get the feel of the actual exam and improve your time management skills.

  • Clear your doubts: No matter what how big or small your doubt is, get it cleared. Reach out to your teachers, friends and even mentors to ensure none of your doubts related to the exam remains unsolved. Besides this, there also are some e-learning apps, blogs and forums that would assist you in clarifying your doubts about a particular topic related to JEE Main.

  • Make a revision checklist: Ensure you make a checklist of JEE Main syllabus with the list of topics/units against each subject – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Tick off the important topics as and when you are done with revising the particular topic.

  • Flashcards: Have a large stack of flashcards handy. It should contain all the important JEE Main formulae, concepts and diagrams. These could also be used in the last minutes before JEE Main.

  • Strengthen your weak areas: Every time you take a mock test, evaluate your paper and jot down your mistakes and weak areas. Work on the subjects, topics and units which are you are weak at. Resolve and strengthen them well before the actual exam takes place.

2nd Month Preparation

  • You have just one more month left before the second phase of JEE Main 2019. All you need during this month is focus and make your prep strategy stronger.

  • Subject-wise revision plan: Make an everyday revision plan for each of the three subjects of JEE Main. By this time, you would have an idea about your strong and weak areas. Making a revision plan will help you tighten all the loose ends. It will also help you allocate an equal amount of time to three subjects.

  • Summarise each chapter: Jot down the highlights of every chapter of each subject of JEE Main. You can easily access them whenever you want. These notes will help you revise the key points one day before the exam, when you would not enough time for in-depth revision of JEE Main chapters.

  • Decide the order of subjects: JEE Main has three subjects. Find out the subject you are most comfortable with and decide the order in which you would attempt these subjects in the exam.

  • Continue with mock tests: JEE Main aspirants should keep taking mock tests at regular intervals all through the year. The frequency should increase in the last few months before the exam. JEE Main mock test will also help you prepare in an effective way for the online/computer-based format of JEE Main along with getting you acquainted with JEE Main exam pattern.

Subject wise preparation tips

The preparation tips for JEE Mains are very helpful for students preparing for IIT JEE Mains. All three subjects are very important and students should give them equal importance. Before beginning their preparation, they should refer the syllabus and make a strategy to prepare them in a comprehensive way. Here are some tips that will help students prepare all the three subjects equally.


Along with some books such as Concepts of Physics by HC Verma, you should also refer NCERT books. This will help you understand the concepts in a better way. As it is a conceptual subject, you should understand the basic concepts thoroughly that will make the problem solving easier. After studying a particular topic, ensure that you solve the related problems on the same day. This will make your concepts clear and help you remember them in a better way.


Chemistry is a combination of concepts, theory, problems and chemical equations. Refer some good books that will help you understand the subject better. While studying a topic, you can always mark the important points so that you can refer them in future for revision purpose. You should also solve the problems related to the concepts and practice the chemical equations to remember them in a best possible manner.


It is the most important subject and you can only be thorough in all the topics when you keep practising the problems. When you solve the problems continuously you can create your own shortcuts and relate different topics. This will help you save time during the JEE Mains exam.

These are some of the subject wise tips for the students who are going to appear for JEE Mains. You should make a time- table and allocate time for all the subjects. You can also allocate more time for the topics in which you are weaker. This will help you finish studying the syllabus within the timeline and give you time for revision.

All the best. Go crack JEE and live your engineering dream.

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