Aditi Singh, IIM Calcutta alumnus and a renowned process consultant to top 50 universities globally, explores why Suresh Gyan Vihar University in Jaipur ranks very high on her University Ranking Matrix across India.

I have been a process consultant for over a decade, focused on improving the efficiency of government, quasi-government and private institutions. Over 40% of my clients are educational institutions for whom I conduct management training workshops, suggest the technology solutions for efficient administration and design the performance blueprint. These institutions have been spread across across India, rest of Asia and Middle East, including Hong Kong, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia and Singapore. I have seen them all, whether directly as clients or indirectly while conducting the competition analysis. There aren’t many universities that astonish me. However, Suresh Gyan Vihar University continues to amaze me.

Suresh Gyan Vihar University ranks so high on my ‘University Ranking Matrix’ that I can easily call it the new age Takshshila University of India. No doubt it is the only private university in Rajasthan graded ‘A’ by NAAC.

Hence, I decided to write this article, motivated by my concern for the younger generation on choosing a right institution in today’s crowded professional education sector. 

So, let’s begin with a few basic questions,

A. ‘How do you decide which career path to choose?’ ‘
B. How do you select the right educational institution?’ and then,
C. ‘How do you make the most out of your college life to help you succeed in your professional career?’

Let’s explore each of these in depth:

A. How do you choose a career path for yourself?

Instead of going after what everyone else is pursuing, focus on your individual talent and skills, which will make you more successful in a certain career over others. This is an important decision of your life and must factor in the following:

1. Intrinsic Factors: Your personality type, skill sets and passion are the key. Life skills are important but can be learned. Also, in some professions your exposure to the domain and even your existing network are important for initial success.

Gyan Vihar University offers a test called ‘Selfie Scan’ to help you understand your personality type and a more sophisticated evaluation called ‘Talent Scan’ that helps you choose a perfect career path for you. A commendable selfless initiative from a university to help students build and become leaders of a better future. So take advantage of these and make a wise decision.

2. Extrinsic Factors: You must evaluate the prospects of a chosen career domain in coming decades, try to focus on the booming industries and do not forget to take a note of the lifecycle stage a profession is currently in.

Gyan Vihar is also the first University in the country to be based on a collegiate system, same as the likes of Oxford and Cambridge. Hence, Gyan Vihar University offers tremendous amount of career options.

It has a School of Engineering and Technology, International School of Business Management, School of Pharmacy, Schools of Hotel Management, School of Agriculture, School of Applied Sciences, School of interdisciplinary and Liberal Studies, School of Education. The choices are varied and ample.

Assuming you’ve decided upon a career path, let’s say Engineering. You’re analytical, logical, have a knack for mathematics and other sciences, are passionate about emerging technologies and want to contribute in solving problems and building a better future for our world. The domain also has a great potential, it has been booming in the past decades and continues to grow and expand in terms of opportunities.

You now need to see which competitive exams you need to perform well in, in-order to be eligible to get admission in best national or global institutions. For example for engineering you need to perform well in JEE and other state common entrance examinations. International students seeking admissions in India can obtain admissions on the basis of their performance in the qualifying examinations like 10+12. Hence, ramp up your preparations, be sincere and diligent, this is an important phase of your life that you wont want to repeat.

B. How do you select the right educational institution?

After deciding a career path and securing decent scores in the required examinations, you now have the mammoth task of choosing the right educational institution. Also, depending on your budget and the quality of education, you can choose to study in your country or abroad, but before deciding keep in mind the following:

1. Global Standard Education:

Today in India there are some international standard educational institutions that are at par with global education in countries like USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada and Australia but with much affordable fee structure and better career opportunities. These institutions even have partnerships with international institutions and adhere to the international standards in imparting high quality functional and professional education. Hence, this must be a factor you look out for, while choosing your alma mater.

For example Gyan Vihar University has strategic tie-ups with global universities like Cyberjaya University, University of Cincinnati, University of Almeria, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, Daffodil University and more.   

2. International Exposure: A great University, be it in any country, does not limit the exposure to only local students. It attracts and invites students from across the world, hence providing international exposure at fraction of the cost. This exposure will help you improve your interpersonal skills and help you learn to work with people from diverse cultures.

The Gyan Vihar University, apart from partnerships with several international universities, also attracts students from 42 countries. Hence, providing you an opportunity to prepare yourself for a successful global career.

3. Locational advantage: Over the years, India has developed geographic hubs associated with specific fields of education. These hubs are highly revered by the students as well as considered as premium choices by employers for seeking talent. These are also easily accessible from various parts of the country and have an airport close by. It is always advisable to choose an institution located at one of these hubs.

In the last decade, for engineering education, apart from the traditional hubs like Kanpur, Delhi NCR and Bangalore, Jaipur has emerged as a highly respected hub. The city has all the qualities, in terms of an international Airport, easy access from the national capital New Delhi and close proximity to the aspiring engineering talent haven Kota. Hence, the Gyan Vihar university has a great location advantage as well.

4. Industry Partnerships: Gone are the days when a university’s role was to focus solely on imparting education. Today’s highly competitive professional education demands industry orientation. This orientation is difficult to derive from even the best quality education. Hence, educational institutions need to build and foster strategic partnerships with Industry leaders.

Gyan Vihar University has an astonishing array of partnerships with industry giants to provide its students great industry orientation.

SGVU has partnered with IBM for certification courses, established a Learning Centre of Excellence with Google, a Centre of Cloud Infrastructure & Security in collaboration with Amazon and a Centre Of Excellence in Training and Research in Automation with Bosch.

5. Faculty and Curriculum: After understanding the importance of industry partnerships, nonetheless the faculty and the curriculum form the core of an education system. But we need to ensure that the faculty is research oriented and has industry experience. Also, that the curriculum endorses innovation and is updated with the changing technology and business scene.

In this domain as well, Gyan Vihar University aces the game.

The SGVU School of Engineering & Technology is accredited by NBA and has over 150 highly cited faculty members with industrial experience, unlike other private universities.

Also, the curriculum in all of the eight departments viz. Computer Engineering & Information Technology, Mechanical, Electronics & Communication, Electrical, Civil, Applied & Bio-Science, Diploma in Engineering & Computer Application, is innovative and has been constantly updated since the SGVU School of Engineering & Technology came into existence in the year 2000. Also, it offers over 11 Under Graduate and 9 Post Graduate programs along with Diploma and Doctoral programs. This shows its commitment to technical education and research.

Further, it has implemented innovative initiatives like Choice based credit system, wherein 10% of the course, constitutes a topic of your choice taught by Scientists and experienced industry professionals. Amazing right!

6. Vision of the Management: Might be mistakenly considered an inconsequential point, but vision of the management in an educational institution plays a huge role in its future readiness. It’s the vision of the management that decides if an institution is set out to create an impact or just be a part of the existing ecosystem.

Regarding Gyan Vihar University, even though it has 23 years of education legacy, the management has proven to have a progressive education mindset. It is one of the first few universities in India to implement rooftop solar systems in the campus and commit to usage of sustainable energy.

It is the only private university in Rajasthan that has been graded ‘A’, by NAAC. Has partnerships with the likes of Google and Amazon and is one of the fastest emerging centers of excellence in research and academics.

They have even established a directorate of distance education which uses an array of technologically advanced solutions to deliver impressive educational courses. The management fosters Innovation at every step and truly believes in breaking the norms.

7. Research and Publications: An institution’s commitment to research and publications is the true differentiator that decides if it is on its way to the ivy league. But this is also the criteria where most institutions fail, for them research and publication either hold no relevance or are an unnecessary expense. These are the institutions that believe in focusing on education solely as business and consider the university as a money making machine.

I was really impressed to see that Gyan Vihar University has 6 peer reviewed Journals on topics like ‘Convergence of Technology and Management’, ‘Journal of Climate Change and Water’, ‘Journal of Engineering and Technology’, ‘Journal of Environment Science and Technology’ to name a few.

Apart from these it has established 12 dedicated research centers. Centre of Cloud Infrastructure & Security in collaboration with Amazon, Centre For Sustainable Development, Centre Of Excellence in Training and Research in Automation with Bosch Rexroth, Learning Centre of Excellence with Google, Centre of Excellence Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Centre for Climate Change and Water (C3W) Research, Learning Centre of Excellence with Google just to name a few.

Also, the university has a full fledged PhD programs in various domains.

8. Placements and Internships: This is definitely the most important and sought after criteria for candidates. The placement and internship opportunities that an institution provides its students, contributes in shaping their early career. This is also a good indicator of an institution’s reputation in the industry and how well it’s alumni have performed. 

When it comes to placements and internship opportunities, the Gyan Vihar University School of Engineering & Technology has an enviable list of companies patronizing it. Some of the key names are Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Accenture, IBM, Snapdeal, Intel etc.

In fact, not just in IT, the university provides holistic placement in various other engineering domains with companies like ICICI, Maruti Suzuki, Larsen and Toubro, Intel, IndiGo, Arabol Lubricants, Hyundai Motors and hundreds more. 

C. How do you make the most out of your college life to help you succeed in your professional career?

This is the tricky part and must not be underestimated in any case. Along with providing you the opportunities in terms of excellent education and great placements, your university must also provide you avenues for your overall personality development and growth. Following are the factors that play an important role in you future professional success and must not be ignored.

1. Infrastructure and Student Life: The infrastructure is not just for the purpose of showing off the grandeur of an institution. It plays an important role in shaping the experiences of your student life, which in turn contributes to your overall development as a young professional. Hence, a residential campus with facilities to provide and enrich student life, is a must for a good educational institution.

The Gyan Vihar University has a wholly wi-fi enabled beautiful campus and provides for its students over 6 high quality modern hostels surrounded with natural beauty. All hostels as well as rest of the campus, is equipped with round the clock security and power backup. Each hostel has its own warden, well furnished rooms, a recreation hall with Indoor games, a TV room and a complementary mess with delicious food. Also, the hostels are in close proximity to sports grounds, all other facilities for outdoor games and activities. The campus also has a world class gymnasium, banking facilities, a fully digitized and well stocked library with over 1.5 million books and online resources just to name a few, to foster excellent campus culture and provide its students an opportunity to explore and enhance their hidden talents.

2. Extra Curricular Opportunities: Believe me if educational institutions ignore or under value extra curricular activities, a lot of talented students would never get an opportunity to explore and enhance their personality, interpersonal, communication and other life skills. These are as important for success in the professional world, as your technical or domain knowledge.

The Gyan Vihar University not only provides ample amount of facilities for extra curricular actives and better student life, but also organizes activity oriented and fun summer camps. The students also get benefit from several annual events across its 8 schools, for example the annual sports festival Eklavya, an annual cultural fest X-Animo and an annual science and technology festival called Aayam.

The university also has a Centre of Excellence in Ecosystem for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, that encourages innovation amongst students and supports them to fulfill their entrepreneurship dreams. Really offering an astonishing array of learning experiences, so you know you are at the right place.

3. Conferences and Events: An educational institution without conferences and everts is like a prison where you’re forced to get a degree as part of the punishment. Really, these learning events to keep the skill sets updated and conferences to interact with the industry thought leaders in a domain, are what distinguishes a great institution from a good one. So while choosing an institution don’t forget to check for this criterion as well.

Coming to the Gyan Vihar University, they fare excellent even here,  apart from all the technology and management festivals mentioned above, they also host an array of international conferences like the ‘International Conference on Energy Storage Technologies and Systems’, ‘Convention on Climate Change and Water Research (C3W)’, ‘The International Conference on Cyber Security and Privacy in Communication Networks (ICCS)’ and more. Also, Gyan Vihar International Patrika Fair is held in the month of May every year to showcase or panorama of various fields to enrich students with knowledge in different areas of engineering, management, pharmacy, education etc.

Along with these annual events, they also organize innumerable workshops with experts, for example, workshops on Big Data Hadoop using Salesforce and Apex Lightning for Customer Relationship Management, on Artificial Intelligence, on Frontiers of Bio Sciences and more. These skill specific workshops are conducted by domain experts and are meant to equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to face competition in the job market.

Further, there are several Industrial Tours, Excursions, Seminars and Guest Lectures and Career Fairs organized year round. The university also hosts a Chapter of the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), not an easy feat unless a university is highly progressive as well as innovation and industry centric.

4. Leadership Development and Inspiration: A university, along with providing quality education, also has a moral obligation towards holistic development of its students. It needs to instill leadership qualities for success, industry readiness to tackle challenges and  inspiration to achieve great feats. Wonder why some institutions are legendary? It’s because of their renowned Alumni, who were inspired early in their life lead and conquer great frontiers in their profession.

To fulfill this obligation Gyan Vihar University leaves no stone unturned. It conducts personality enrichment sessions for all its students, provides them avenues to express and develop their leadership abilities. It also gives opportunities to its students to learn from the likes of Kris Srikanth, the cricket legend, through a course powered with cricket based learning in order to develop management and leadership skills. The university even invited  the world renowned Astronaut Charles Duke, from USA, Legendary of Apollo 16 who had been 3 days at moon, to interacted with its students and share his experiences and videos which he shot at moon. Really Inspiring!

I loved the way SGVU puts 20 reasons to be a Gyanviharite

Thus, upon evaluating the Suresh Gyan Vihar University deeply, using the entire framework, I found that it has awesome stats and performance across each of these factors. I am definitely impressed and would recommend the university to everyone including my friends and family. I am confident of the virtues of SGVU, it actually surpasses a lot of milestones and standards, emerging as one of the best in the domain of engineering education. Feel free to compare it with any other private university and you’ll see the difference. In fact I can assure that, if you apply this framework to any other university across the world and evaluate it, you will be able to evaluate it better and see for yourself how it fares on the essential aspects of being a great educational institution. Choose wisely!

I wish all the very best to Gyan Vihar University to keep up the good work and to all the potential engineering students who will step into and rule the professional world.

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